Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Fifth Woman Book Review

Wow, have I got a book for you guys! I wasn't too sure about the book at first but I have to be honest and say once I read the first chapter and about a few pages into the second chapter, I was hooked! I normally read the real hard core mystery thriller where alot of things are described in graphic detail and this book was nowhere near that BUT it grabbed my attention anyway because of the mystery factor. I love being able to try and solve the mystery while I am reading. I will try to figure out who did it and why. If you like that type of book, The Fifth Woman will satisfy your every whim! It was a fast paced, different scenarios popping up at every turn and just plain fun to read. This is the first book in a triology series and I can't wait to read the 2nd book already! Here is an excerpt from the back of the cover:

Naked and dead, the body of a high roller was found in a Vegas hotel suite. He was insured for twenty million dollars.

Ten years later during an ordinary audit, Rick Morgan, Chief Audit Executive for the insurance company learns of the extra ordinary death benefit. At first he's curious, but with facts being cold, vauge or missing, his gut tells him there is more. Digging into the past with the help of Vince, a former homicide detective, a bizarre puzzle emerges. Which piece is the mysterious disappearance of the former United States Congressman, the fatal car wreck that left three little girls orphaned or the FBI who wants the investigation stopped?

Gathering the pieces, someone is always a step ahead. But who? The elegant, conservative Human Resource VP? The playful, sexually starved Branch Manager? The gorgeous woman with a secret past? The stunning but shrewd corporate attorney? Or the mysterious woman in San Francisco?

"Not everything is as it appears to be" -- a motto Rick must remember when putting the pieces together...all twenty million.

This book will keep you guessing but one thing I found almost hilarious was that they have painted Rick as this playboy kinda guy who has no trouble jumping from one woman to the next without feeling any guilt whatsoever! In real life I would hate him but in a book with a story like this one, I rooted for him to find the truth. All in all, he meets and interacts with 5 different women, all of whom could be and end up being, except for one that we know of, involved in the cover up of the twenty million dollars being issued to a man who dies in a Las Vegas hotel of a heart attack, but who just one year earlier, passed a physical exam and deemed completely healthy and took out a twenty million dollar life insurance policy. Rick is the one who stumbles upon this curious fact and wants to get answers of how this could have happened.

He is seeing the Human Resource VP, a very beautiful woman named Caroline, but at the same time he disappears to San Francisco quite a bit and only his secretary knows he sees another woman while he is there. Caroline all of a sudden decides to quit her job and move to Atlanta and takes a job there and asks Rick to come with her. Unfortunately, for her, he does not want to give up his job or the woman in San Francisco. But her real reason for leaving goes deeper than that. She is somehow implicated in this cover up with the twenty million dollars and does not want to answer any questions. She does truly love Rick but he really does not love her.

Rick works during the week but come Fridays, he jets or drives down the coast to San Francisco and Los Angeles in his quest for answers about that twenty million dollars. He hires the uncle of his Administrative Assistant because he is a retired homicide cop who can dig deeper into things that need answering. While flying one weekend he meets another woman on the plane and they start seeing each other until her actions become questionable and Rick starts to ask questions. Then that woman also has to vanish before Rick gets answers to his probing questions.

Along the way there is trouble with a branch of the insurance company in San Francisco. He meets another woman named Kathy who is the Branch Manager and they proceed to have an affair also. They get roughed up a bit while out driving one day and it is obvious it has something to do with the case Rick is working on but it is enough to scare Kathy away, leaving Rick to wonder what the heck is going on? Do you see the pattern? Every which way Rick turns he meets a new and more beautiful woman who tries to sidetrack his investigation but Rick is like a dog with a bone, he just won't let it go.

His investigation takes him where he never dreamed it would end up but in the end he decides to let it go and the people responsible for the deception are not arrested, actually, Rick tells no one the real story and just drops the whole investigation. The book ends with Rick going to see his "other woman" in San Francisco where he suddenly is confronted with another shocker.

We will have to wait for the second book to come out to find out what that is and who is this mysterious woman that he keeps leaving other women for. I am most excited to read the next book because it really grabbed me and held my attention and that is saying alot when I normally read serial killer type books or supernatural books. I hope that gives you a little insight into how rare it is for me to like a book that is so different than those that I read. I sure do hope I get to review the second book so that I can find out what happens to Rick and the woman in San Francisco!

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