Monday, December 12, 2011

The Encounter Book Review

I have another book to tell you about called The Encounter. Here is an excerpt from the book and then I will give you my version of what I thought of the book:

For Jonathan Rush, a wealthy and famous entrepreneur, this is an agonizing and startling reality--one he never knew existed in his life until now. On a mission to Fairbanks, Alaska, to uncover the truth behind his mother's abandonment when he was only four years old, Jonathan comes face-to-face with his unresolved bitterness as well as a mysterious woman named Mercy who holds the key to unlocking the secrets of his past. Somehow he must convince Mercy to confide in him, learn how to forgive his mother, and--even more painful--learn how to forgive himself.

Jonathan Rush is a CEO of Advanced Data Systems but deep down is very troubled man because of his past. At the age of 4 he was left by his mother at the Kellner Children's Home, in Fairbanks, Alaska and then adopted by the Rush family from Miami. Because of this he would have bouts of deep anger and he hated his mother with a passion. For this reason, it was very hard to get to know Jonathan. His pastor, Tim, advised him to go back to Fairbanks and seek the answers to all his questions so that he could begin to heal from within.

When he lands in Fairbanks, his driver is waiting for him along with a reporter, Erica Bingham, who wants his story. Jonathan has never liked reporters so Erica has her work cut out for her! Jonathan learns that the Kellner Children's Home burned to the ground years ago. However, he did locate a local pastor named Ben, whose wife had cooked at the home. She had befriended Jonathan's mother. Ben's wife was able to tell Jonathan that his mother's name is Ada Guthrie.

Erica Bingham and Jonathan find out that Ada lives in a log cabin out of town with no indoor plumbing and she also has a dog named Tundra. Ada had only shared her story with Ben's wife and now she shared it with Jonathan and Erica. She was a beautiful young woman when she met Jared, a pipeline worker who took off and Ada never heard from him again. He left before Ada knew that she was pregnant. She did get a job at Kellner Home but was fired when she kept finding ways to be near Jonathan. She was thought to be crazy because of this behavior. She finally broke into the home and was caught and charged with mental illness. She was sent to a mental hospital and then to prison for several years. When she got out she found out Jonathan had been adopted and went to live in Miami.

She always kept track of Jonathan's career by cutting out newspaper clippings and other means to make scrapbooks of all his accomplishments. She found out he was in Fairbanks and got some money together and went to the hotel where he was staying. She called herself Mercy when she met Jonathan & Erica in the hotel restaurant. Jonathan makes the mistake of saying he will never forgive Ada so Mercy leaves the restaurant and disappears. Later she is found unconscious. She survives the frostbite and her and Jonathan are finally reunited. He buys her a better home because Ada won't leave Alaska. Jonathan love Florida so to compromise he agrees to make trips back and forth. His second reason is Erica, whom he wants to get to know better.

The moral of this story is that it is better to step out of anger and hate and forgive, which is what God wants from all of us. In doing so, your life is better and your outlook is brighter.

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