Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dale & Thomas This N That Sampler Review

Oh, I am in heaven now! I was extremely happy when I got my This N' That Sampler from Dale & Thomas Popcorn! Here are the flavors I got to try:

1. Hall of Fame Kettle Corn
2. Dales Caramel
3. Twice-As-Nice Chocolate Drizzle Corn
4. Peanut Butter & White Chocolate Drizzle Corn
5. Chocolate Chunk n' Caramel
6. Southwest Cheddar Chipotle
We will start with Mike's favorite, the Southwest Cheddar Chipolte. It is on the hot side so I wasn't able to test taste this one because of my bladder condition but I can tell you that Mike ate the whole bag in one sitting! He said it was a good thing I did not try to eat it because it was a little too hot for me. But he loved it! He likes anything that is hot or has hot peppers on or on them.

My favorite was the Twice-As-Nice Chocolate Drizzled Corn! Oh, my it was so darn good! It has chocolate and white chocolate drizzled all over the popcorn. On top of that it tasted almost like there was real butter mixed in with some sweetener for the few popcorn that missed the chocolate drizzle. I am wondering if maybe they start with the Kettle Corn and then add all the flavors. Doesn't matter, because this one will definitely be on the top list of everyone I know! All the popcorn are fresh and crunchy. You can also taste the good quality chocolate that is used to drizzle over the popcorn.

Next we tried the Chocolate Chunk & Caramel and this was another huge hit! We love Caramel popcorn so if you like Caramel popcorn, you are gonna love this one! It looks like it starts out as a caramel popcorn and then the Chocolate is drizzled on top of the Caramel. It must be drizzled on and packaged while still a little warm because they formed some pretty good looking chunks in there! Which we loved by the way! Nothing worse than to get small little crumbs of popcorn so the size of the popcorn was a really nice surprise!

We each took a handful of the Hall of Fame Kettle Corn. I really love Kettle Corn and Mike is kinda wishy washy on Kettle Corn so he gave it a so so verbal opinion but in my opinion it ranks right up there with some of the best! I used to not like Kettle Corn but my taste buds have improved with age and now it is one of my favorites. It is still the traditional popcorn with a sweet added in. Perfect! And just as crunchy and fresh as all the others have.

Mike's other favorite was the Peanut Butter n' White Chocolate Drizzle. He liked it because it was sorta like a sweet and salty like taste. I guess the white chocolate gave it the sweet taste and the peanut butter gave it the slightly salt taste. When you add both of them together it is kinda the same effect you get with a Payday candy bar. Some of you might not remember those but it also mixed sweet with salt. So, that is the best analogy I could think of so that you can get the whole picture. I don't know how they got the right amount in each bag but it is truly awesome!

Then we tried Dale's Caramel and what can you say about the classic? It was super good! Caramel is our favorite way to eat popcorn and we only get it during the holidays. I absolutely think that this classic gets better each year! It is hard to mess with a tried and true recipe and Dale and Thomas definitely have this one down pat. It has just the right amount of caramel without going overboard on the sweetener. You will love their caramel popcorn!

Gosh, Dale and Thomas have so many ways you can order their wonderful popcorn that you will surely find something for everyone. They have holiday samplers, holiday tins, holiday baskets, holiday gift boxes and specialty items. You can get them in either 6 bags or 12 bags. They are also Gluten Free so everyone can enjoy their popcorn! They also have a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed as long as you let them know within 90 days.

Connect with Dale and Thomas Popcorn:

Mailing Address:
One Cedar Lane
Englewood, NJ 07631
Phone: 1-800-767-4444

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by images from Dale and Thomas Popcorn.