Friday, December 2, 2011

Community Coffee Southern Christmas Treats Gift Basket Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I was very excited and blessed to receive this Community Coffee Christmas Treats Gift Basket! Believe it or not, we have never tried Community Coffee before so this was a double treat for us. Mike especially loves coffee and he is a huge fan of pecans!
Here is what is included in this basket:

1. Community Cafe Special Coffee (12 oz)
2. Private Reserve Pecan Praline Coffee (2 oz)
3. Coffee-Fresh Canister
4. Bergeron Pecans (1 pound)
5. Community branded bamboo spoon
6. Measuring Cup
7. Coffee Scoop
8. 2 recipes from Holly Clegg to use your pecans

It really is a nice basket! On top of that we also received a coupon thru email for a free bag of coffee which I used to get the Decaf Special Cafe. So, all in all, we have got plenty of coffee to do us for quite awhile! We did try the Pecan Praline first because Mike loves pecans. It is definitely a coffee that smells just like a pecan pie! I thought it was a pretty good coffee but Mike said it was a tad too sweet for him so I tasted his coffee and man, was it sweet! He put too much sugar in it!
He thought it would be just like regular coffee but I explained anytime you have a specialty coffee they try to make it as real as possible so they add the flavorings. When that happens you don't need to use as much sugar as you would for a non flavored coffee. When I remedied that for him, then he said it was good! So, let that be a lesson learned, go slow on the sugar until you get it right.
I really do like the canister they sent with the coffee. It has a hinged lid and we really needed a canister as we don't have one so that worked out really well. We tried the regular Cafe Special next and boy, was it good! I love hazelnut creamer and when I put that in with the coffee it was awesome!
Mike used regular creamer and it was equally just as good. So, I can tell you from those two standpoints, Community Coffee is a great option for coffee lovers!
I don't know about any other flavors because that is the only two that we use so if you like another flavor I would have to say that I don't see a problem because out of all the creamers, Hazelnut is pretty powerful so if a coffee can still come out, then it is a mighty fine coffee! The Decaf Cafe Special is just as good as the regular, it just doesn't have the caffeine. I could not tell any difference in taste so if you have to or need to drink Decaf, you won't go wrong by getting Community Coffee's line of Decaf's!

I have the bamboo spoon in my utensil jar sitting by my stove and the next time I make a soup or chili I will use it to stir the pot. I did use the coffee scoop to measure out my coffee and it is dead on accurate. We have not done anything with the pecans because we want to make a pecan pie for Christmas but I did eat just a few of them so that I would know if they tasted right and boy, are they good! Can't wait to see how the pie turns out! They were fresh and crisp and well, just tasted like a pecan should taste.
Gosh, Community Coffee has so many different kinds of coffee and flavors that I could not possibly list them all here but if you want Traditional Coffee then go to that section and take a look around. If you are more on the Gourmet side of coffee then go over and check out all the wonderful creations they have! I guess I never realized there was this much coffee or options to choose from. You can also join their Coffee Club and receive your coffee right at home with all kinds of perks so if can't get out or just like the idea of having coffee delivered right to you, then this will be right up your alley! Wow, they even have an Essentials section where you can get anything from t-shirts to creamers, coffee machines to mugs and spoons.

I found out a little History about the company while I was cruising around:
For four generations, the Saurage family of Louisiana has owned and operated Community Coffee Company. In 1919, Henry Norman "Cap" Saurage discovered the secret of making this great-tasting coffee in his country store on the north edge of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He named his coffee "Community" in honor of his community of friends. In 1924, he closed the store and converted his backyard barn into a coffee mill, using coffee beans purchased from a local roaster. In 1941, Cap's son H. Norman Saurage Jr. purchased the company's first coffee roaster, having decided that Community should roast its own coffee to ensure quality at every step. A roasting plant was built in Baton Rouge in 1946.

Over the years, Community Coffee Company would take countless steps to ensure the quality of its product. In 1955, the company began importing green coffee beans directly from coffee plantations in Brazil. In 1970, a new plant was built on the Mississippi River in Port Allen, Louisiana. In 1980, Community introduced the nation's first vacuum-sealed coffee package.

The first CC's Community Coffee House opened on the corner of Jefferson and Magazine Street in New Orleans in 1995. Dozens more opened during the 10 years that followed. It's been more than 90 years since Cap Saurage founded Community Coffee Company, but our mission has never changed – to share our passion for great coffee with our customers.

Keep up with what is going on over at Community Coffee:

Mailing Address:
Community Coffee Company
P.O. Box 2311
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
Phone: 800-525-5583
Fax: 800-643-8199
Community Coffee is having a special right now where you get 20% off of Gift Sets using JINGLE20! They are also having a contest to win an IPAD 2 on their Twitter and on their website they are giving away coffee for a lifetime! Head on over and check it out!  

Community Coffee has been very kind to offer one reader the chance to win the same gift basket that I got to review! Isn't that awesome? Open to U.S. only!



BethElderton said...

I LOVE Community Dark Roast! I think the Seasons Greetings Variety Pack would make a great gift for a coffee lover
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

shana said...

I would want the Caramel Cappuccino or the ground dark roast

nineteen19 at blackfoot dot net

carole said...

I"d like the seasons greetings variety pack

Mrs. Sherman said...

Oh I like the Iced coffee gift set

michelleplummer said...

The seasons greeting variety pack would be great for my mom

Paula Lee said...

Would love to try the 12 oz. Whole Bean Private Reserve Kenya.
jandplee at att dot net

Christian said...

I would love some of the house blend (Christian N

Roxy said...

I would want the Caramel Cappuccino

Susan said...

I like the family traditions gift set!

Alura said...

The Christmas Morning Gift Set will be in my letter to Santa!

Daisy522 said...

I would like the Too Hot in the Kitchen Cookbook Gift Set

chelesa sims said...

i like the southern Christmas treats gift basket and the Christmas morning gift set. i love them all though and would feel blessed if i received any of them

amyorvin said...

I'd like to try the Ground Private Reserve® Hazelnut

barbara.montyj said...

I'd love this - Southern Christmas Treats.
thank you
barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

Shanna said...

I'd love the herbal chamomile tea pods!

Giveaway Gal said...

I would want the honey lemon green tea pods.

Allison Downes said...

I want the Seasons Greetings Variety Pack

April G said...

I would love to try their Seasons Greetings Variety Pack.

Cheryl Free said...

I'd like to try the Around the World Coffee Sampler ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

SKYANGEL said...

12oz Ground Mocha Java

Kayla said...

I also like the Christmas Morning Gift Set.

Shay said...


I want their 32 oz. Ground
French Roast coffee. I've had it many times and it's delish!

Robin Quick said...

I would love the Caramel Cappuccino! YUMMMYYYY!

AngelaQcrazy said...

I would enjoy the Caramel Cappuccino.

tammy said...

christmas morning gift set looks lovely