Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beautyfix Review

I have a new kind of company to tell you about called Beautyfix. It has a new concept that I thought was pretty fascinating and would allow you to try alot of products that you might otherwise not be able to because of the cost. This is what they do: you get to choose about $400 worth of products every season for just $49.99! All you do is complete a Beauty Profile and their panel of experts will choose all the products they think would be good for you.

Then you get to choose 8 products from that list! And the best part is you don't get sample sizes, these are deluxe and full size products! Can you believe it? I don't know how they do it but I got some pretty good products to try from their recommendations. Here is what I received in the mail:

1. Murad Active Radiance Serum
2. SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System
3. Chella Enzyme Exfoliating Creme Mask
4. Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex
5. Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost
6. Replenix 3x Smoothing Serum
7. Replenix Power of Three Cream
8. Replenix Eye Repair Cream

Now, I waited and used all of the above products for several weeks to make sure I saw some improvements before I wrote my review. I know sometimes we get rushed into doing reviews before we sometimes see results but this time I really wanted to make sure these were good products for me because frankly, if this idea works, I would love to continue doing this. I mean, really, can you get 8 really good products somewhere else for $49.99? If you can, then please let me know!

I have always liked Murad's products and the Active Radiance Serum was everything I had hoped it would be! This is a potent Vitamin C application that has about 50 times the amount of topical Vitamin C and it will give you nice smooth skin with a wonderful glow! It will even out your skin and just make an overall evenness and healthy glow.

Active Radiance also protects your skin against the environment while it is helping increase the collagen and increase the skin's clarity. You will notice that your skin will be more firmer in about 15 minutes. For maximum results use daily after cleansing and toning. Then once you apply the serum, wait a full minute to give it time to dry before applying your moisturizer and/or sunblock. I gave this product an A+!

SkinMedica is usually available from a dermatologist's office and I was very surprised that Beautyfix was able to get this product. I have used one or two of their facial products before but not the lip system. The TNS Lip Plump System has two tubes in each box. One tube you put around your lips to help smooth fine lines and diminish imperfections while the other tube is the lip plumper that you apply directly to your lips.

I have very thin lips and need all the help I can get! This duo helped me to have slightly more fuller lips and helped with the lines around my mouth. I would urge anyone to try this if they have the same problem as I do.

Next is Elizabeth Grant's Biocollasis Complex. This is a very light silky smooth serum that helps with anti-aging while speeding up your skin's repair process. It has Torricelumn that intensively moisturizes and repairs your skin with plant stem cells. As a result, your skin appears plumper, firmer and smoother, with fewer visible wrinkles and fine lines. You will love this creamy serum as it goes on! It really does feel like silk caressing your face.

I chose the next 3 products from the Replenix line because I figured if I did a system that each compliments each other it would really make a difference in my skin and I was not wrong!

Let's start with the 3x Smoothing Serum which has 0.3% dosage of retinol that evens tone and texture while diminishing the signs of aging. It also has 90% green tea polyphenols to combat environmental damage and help improve the overall appearance of our skin. I really was wowed by this little baby!

The Power of Three Cream from Replenix contains green tea polyphenols that equal about 500 cups of tea! This helps by refining the texture of your skin, smoothing wrinkles and combating premature aging. I have dry skin and it devoured this cream instantly!

It also made the pores shrink, which I have large ones and really needed this product just for that reason. It will also calm inflammation while the caffeine energizes the skin and boosts the effectiveness of the formula.

Lastly, the Eye Repair Cream from Replenix is a cooling and soothing cream absorbed instantly into your skin, immediately energizing tired-looking eyes. The effects of the potent 90% green tea polyphenols could be seen after a couple of weeks, making your eye area more luminous with less visible fine lines and wrinkles. This one will make you a believer of eye creams! I could see the cream disappear the minute I put it on!

I used the Chella Enzyme Exfoliating Creme Mask to remove dead, dull skin to reveal a glowing complexion. The mask is a combination of lactic acid enzymes, sugar cane and apple extracts work together to gently remove excess sebum and dead cells. It encourages cell turnover for more youthful-looking skin while smoothing skin to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamins E and B5 help restore moisture to keep skin supple. The result (if the product is used once per week) is a softer, more evenly toned and brighter complexion. You will be surprised by this product because it is so different in that it is a very creamy liquid that is gentle to all skin types. Leave on for at least 10 minutes then rinse off.

Now, the Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost is the only product that I don't think I fully understood when I chose it. I had thought that it was a liquid bronzer when in fact it is an all over cream that gives your whole face a bronzed look while also protecting against the sun.

This Bronzing Boost was a little too dark for me so I only used it one time. For those of you who like to look bronzed all over, this would be the product for you! It has sweet almond and jojoba oil infused into the formula, so it will keep your skin moisturized and supple. With this Bronzing Boost you can skip your moisturizer, bronzer and SPF!

Overall, I loved this new experience and I hope I can do this again! Oh, and every time that you complete 2 product surveys they will give you a $25 Gift Card to use on a $50 purchase on DermStore.com!

Go and see what products they would recommend for your type of skin at Beautyfix. Also, for every 5 friends you recommend to Beautyfix, your next kit will be free and you are allowed 5 kits per season.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and my sometimes cranky camera but it was all me with no copied pictures.


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What a great package to try out & enjoy! I really would love to try the Murad bronzing boost, although they all sound wonderful. (Raine on rafflecopters)