Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pureology Antifade Complex Products Review

I know most of you know that I love Pureology's products so it will come as no surprise that I have another (3) products I want to share with you tonight. These are in the Antifade Complex series which helps keep your color treated hair from washing out faster.

I use these because I guess I am vain in that I am not ready for grey hair! I don't have tons of them but they are trying to take over slowly and so I decided it was not my time yet to have grey hair and I needed products that would help my color last longer.

Do you know how much it costs to color your hair these days? Yeah, I know I could do it myself at home and believe me, I tried it. It comes out not looking right, doesn't last long and I hate it!! So, I do splurge every 4-6 months and get it done at a salon. How am I able to last that long? Well, by using products that don't wash my color out!

Here are the three that I got to review from Pureology:

1. Antifade Complex Shinemax
2. Antifade Complex HydraCure
3. Antifade Complex HydraWhip

The first product I tried was the Shinemax which helps with shine and smooths away the flyaways is actually made with a mushroom blend which consists of Shiitake, Mannentake, and Mucor Miehei! Wow, that is a mouthful to say but I can tell you it really made my hair soft and shiny and I did not have to use a styling aid while blow drying my hair, so in my book, that was worth it. The Shinemax also does not contain any alcohol so it delivers light nourishment and soft lustrous hair while the Antifade Complex helps to retain your hair color.

The scent that this product gives off includes Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Thyme, Cardamom, and Cinnamon. It is a light fresh scent that left my hair smelling like I had been bathed in flowers & sunshine. My hair stayed shiny and silky smooth for several days. Because I have really dry hair I try not to wash my hair but every 3 days so that it doesn't dry out even more. So far that has worked really well for me.

The next product I tried was the HydraWhip which has avocado, jojoba, Shea and mango butters to deeply replenish fine hair while keeping your hair color from fading. It is so lightweight that it does not weigh fine hair down which is a good thing for me because over the years I have noticed my hair has been getting alot more finer than it used to be.

I used to have very thick hair so this was alarming at first why I was losing so much hair. I found out it has alot to do with hypothyroidism and I am lacking in some enzyme that keeps your hair so I have to use a generic brand of Rogaine for women to keep anymore hair from falling out. So, I try to be very careful about the products I use in my hair. HydraWhip is formulated with organic botanicals of green tea, rosemary and sage to enhance conditioning and shine, while the exclusive AntiFadeComplex® maximizes color retention.

You apply this to clean hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse off. My hair felt soft and not bogged down like some treatments have in the past. If you have fine hair and it is also dry, this is the product for you.

Then I tried the HydraCure which is also made from the Mushroom Blend as mentioned above in the Shinemax serum. This is an intense therapy mask for dehydrated hair and it really did some magic on my hair! This rich, creamy treatment is enhanced with decadent Shea, jojoba, mango, and avocado butters to deliver instant detangling and shine, deep, long-lasting hydration, and enhanced colour brilliance.

It also has the Antifade Complex in it to help retain your hair color. After shampooing just put some in your hair and leave in anywhere from 2-5 minutes then rinse off. You won't believe how soft your hair will feel and smell! All of these products have some of the nicest, cleanest smells! And Pureology guarantee's that these products will help keep your hair color longer. Now, what more could you ask for than that?

Remember earlier I had reviewed the Shampoo and Conditioner in the same line? If you use the whole collection of Antifade Complex products including the shampoo & conditioner and the above products, you will have a better chance at keeping your hair color longer all the while getting the much deserved hydration and shine that your hair needs.

So, in essence, this line of Antifade Complex will help you if you have fine hair, colored hair or dry hair. I have all three so it worked wonders for me. If you only have one of these problems you are way ahead of me. I love the Pureology line and I hope to continue using them because they really know what they are doing and they back it up with a guarantee!

Here is the guarantee that Pureology has on their site (you can read the rest of it there):
We are so sure that you will find Pureology to be the most advanced formula to safeguard your hair color, that we offer consumers a money-back guarantee. If within 4 weeks of the date of purchase you have been exclusively using a Pureology product and you are not satisfied with the performance or the color retaining results, please follow the instructions below and we will provide you with a full refund.
To get your own consultation on which collection you should be using you can go to this page and answer the questions and they can tell you which collection and which products in that collection would work best for you. That is how I got the Antifade Complex products.

They asked me questions about my hair and what I normally use and from that determined what I needed. Did I mention that they are 100% vegan ingredients and they use organic botanicals? They are against animal cruelty and use post-consumer recycled and recyclable packaging. Now, isn't that a company you can stand behind and be proud of?

Lastly, let me share their philosophy with you:
When you think of Pureology the first thing that probably comes to mind is our professional color care products, rich, concentrated formulas, and aromatic essences. What you may not realize is in addition to providing the highest quality color care products that enhance radiance, dramatically improve hair condition, and deliver longer lasting hair color guaranteed, we also have a strong commitment to the wellbeing of the environment.

From the day we opened our doors in 2001, we took measures to keep our formulas environmentally friendly with 100% Vegan ingredients and natural, organic botanicals to deliver our unprecedented performance. As a result, we set a new standard in professional color care.  
But there is more to be done. Pureology continues to look for ways to improve our packaging and formulas, conserve water and reduce waste in our manufacturing practices, and help foster a more sustainable future. We invite you to read through the following pages and gain a better understanding of what we are doing and what can be done–including how you can help–to support sustainability.
Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and my sometimes cranky camera but it was all me with no copied pictures.


ColleensBookNook said...

New follower here! I LOVE Pureology! Currently I use shampoo and conditioner and wouldn't use anything else. Found you at LoveU Blog Hop.

royalegacy said...

I love Pureology products. I love to get them for my grandmother who just turned 90 and still going strong!