Friday, November 18, 2011

Monave Mineral Makeup Review

It has been awhile since I have done a makeup review so I was very excited to get my products that I had chosen off of Monave's website. I have to admit I have gotten spoiled by the last few companies that I have reviewed that I don't think I would ever go back to regular makeup ever again, that is how much I love Mineral Makeup. Monave's Mineral Makeup has been a sheer joy to try on and experiment with. I even chose some lip products this time that I had not in previous lines so that I could get a different perspective. I did not want my mineral makeup reviews to start to look all the same so I mixed this one up a little. Plus I was curious as to how mineral lip products differ from regular lipstick or glosses. Here is what I got to review from Monave:

1. Ashlie Cream Foundation
2. Glisten Illuminizer
3. Petal Setting Powder
4. Honey Glaze Sheer Lip Glaze
5. Raisin Lip Tint

I have to also state I have not used a cream or liquid mineral makeup foundation either so this was new to me also. I absolutely loved the Ashlie Cream Foundation! It went on smoothly and did not settle into the fine lines like some makeups can do. Also, it does not take much either because it is so light feeling it spreads all over the face much easier. It is like the foundation had been whipped, just like whipping cream! It will leave your face feeling silky to the touch but still give you maximum coverage. All of Monave's products are preserved naturally with the best essential oils and extracts. You will love any of the shades of their cream foundation!

This picture has the Glisten Illuminizer on the left & Petal Setting Powder on the right side.

Secondly, I used the Petal Setting Powder. You use setting powders right after the foundation to help absorb any oils on the face along with adding a smooth, matte, finished touch to your face. If you have very light skin you could use the setting powders alone instead of using a foundation because of the light coverage. And that is what I end up doing some of the time when I don't feel like going all out on my makeup, I will just add the setting powder and a little Illuminizer or Bronzer and out the door I go! I used to love all makeup, eye shadow included and you hardly ever saw me without my eye makeup on but I could not tell you the last time I used eye shadow. I go for the more natural and healthy glow look now plus it saves money and time!

Then I used the Glisten Illuminizer and wow, what a difference it made in how my face looked and how great it enhanced the cream foundation. I chose Petal because it is a soft pinkish color and I wanted my face to have a healthy soft glow and this Illuminizer delivered and then some. All you do is carefully go over your foundation and eyeshadow to give your face a flawless look and delicate glow. If you have tired or dull looking skin this is a great product for you to try because it perks up the face with a soft glow without being shimmery.

Now, I have to tell you that I really fell in love with my Raisin Lip Tint! It is the perfect shade for me. It looks kinda dark in the little pot it comes in but it is really a nice sheer berry looking color that barely adds any color because they use a herbal infusion. And I really love that because there is nothing worse than eating out and all your lipstick or gloss is gone by the time dinner is over and there you are without anything on your lips! I have been told in the past that I look pale or like I don't feel good when the lipstick or gloss had worn off. If you have young girls in your house, this would make the perfect color for them. It barely adds any color except for a slight berry color and it has a citrusy taste because it has pure sweet orange essential oil mixed in. Besides the one I tried they do have vegan lip products for those of you who are Vegans.

The above picture is of the Raisin Lip Tint and the Ashilie Cream Foundation.

Lastly, I tried the Honey Glaze Sheer Lip Glaze. This is one of the vegan ones that I talked about in the above paragraph. Sheer Lip Glaze has less pigments which makes it not as saturated as their other lip products. This is the perfect weekend Lip Glaze to use to look and feel relaxed and free. It has a naturally formulated, non sticky, high-shine effect. Sheer Lip Glazes can be used alone or as a TopCoat to make your lips really pop out!

In conclusion, I have to admit they were really top notched products and I would use them again. I have been on a quest to find the absolute perfect makeup and I have found it is not just one company that you have to stick with. Mix them up to get the best results for yourself. My friends used to clown around about all the different brands I would have lying around but there was a method to the madness and it worked for me. I also know to change out anti-aging products so that my face does not get used to one product. So, it is okay to have a mix match set of makeup products. It keeps the skin from getting too complacent and then not work.

I was fortunate to have found out when I went to their site that they have cleansers, moisturizers, toners, exfoliators, hair care, body cleansers and body moisturizers. I hope you give Monave Mineral products a chance and try them out. I highly recommend all the products I just reviewed. I was really surprised at how well they worked and I know you will be too!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The top photo was taken off of Monave's site but the rest of the photo's came from my cranky old camera and from me.


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