Monday, November 21, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Sponsor Lovable Labels Review

I know most of you have heard about Lovable Labels by now. This is my first time seeing their products or doing a review. I was very impressed with what they sent me for my grandson, J.W. I also know if you are a regular reader of my blog you know I have had some camera issues and I had hoped I would have my new camera from the manufacturer by now but I don't.

My very old camera does not do well with shiny objects so as you can see from the above picture it is slightly blurry. It is not Lovable Labels fault and there is nothing wrong with their labels. Just wanted to make sure you understand it is a camera issue and not their labels. Here is what they made for me:

1. Blue Stickers with J.W.'s full name
2. Red Slimline Stickers with his full name
3. Green Shoe Stickers with his full name
4. Orange Press n Stick Stickers with his full name
5. 2 Blue Dog Tags with his full name

All of the stickers have his favorite picture of a dinosaur on all of them! So, he will be real pleased when he gets them for Christmas. I know it sounds like a strange present but he gets a kick out of things like this and he is only 5 so I need to take advantage of the little things while I can. Won't be long he will want TV's or Playstation, etc. I don't know what I would have done if my children had had all this when they were growing up! But these stickers will be great for J.W.'s mom to be able to keep up with all of his clothes, toys, school supplies and lunch box.

Thank goodness, these came out relatively okay. I was so afraid they would be blurry. As you can see they are very nice and that is even with a bad camera. So, just imagine what they really look like! They are pretty clear and bright with color. I think if your child is as young or younger than J.W. they will be fascinated by the colors themselves and the fact that they can stick their names on just about anything! Can you imagine if you let them loose what they might put them on? I can hear the laughter now.

I was looking at the Christmas address labels and the seals to match and they sure are pretty! Go and check them out  to see what they have. I did not know that they made Personalized Books also that would have your child's name in the book! They have a holiday one with Santa on it that I bet would tickle your child to have! I really love the idea of the Sweet Notes also for grown ups to send someone they love some special message or to give them encouragement or to just say you were thinking of them.

I never realized a label company would have so many options available. I even came across a Safety Product site where you can get Allergy and Medical alerts, Medical and ID bracelets along with Kid Bands!

Whatever your needs, it looks like Lovable Labels has just about everything covered for you. I think it is great that for two years straight 2009 & 2010 they were among the top 100 Women's Entrepreneurs in Canada! It shows that they really care about the product that they produce and that they have the customer service to back it up.

Here is what I found out about them on their About Us:
It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and this proved all too true for Laura Porreca, Owner and President of Lovable Labels.

When Laura’s first child entered daycare, she was told to label all his belongings. This meant labeling everything from his outdoor clothing, to his indoor shoes, lunches, sippy cups and backpack. Laura recognized a need in the market for personalized labels that were tough and durable and could stand the test of time and the everyday use that children put them through.

After researching and testing many different products and designs, Laura created a line of labels that include Regular and Slimline Stickers, Shoe Labels, Iron-ons and Bag Tags. They are not only bright, fun and colourful but also met the high standards that parents have come to expect. The Regular and Slimline labels are microwave and dishwasher safe, the Iron-on labels stay put in the washer and dryer, the Shoe Labels have an extra strength adhesive to ensure they won't come off and the Bag Tags are made of a durable and flexible plastic.

In 2003 Lovable Labels was born!

Today, the company continues to grow and offer exciting opportunities for its team of sales agents. Laura also feels strongly about giving back and has incorporated fundraising into the Lovable Labels company. Schools, daycares and camps use our labels to raise funds for extra-curricular activities while providing a practical and useful product for parents and children.
Please come back on November 25th, for the start of 12 Days of Christmas. Lovable Labels will be one of the sponsors and you would not want to miss an opportunity to win some of their great labels!

Connect with Lovable Labels on all of their social medias:

Mailing Address:
2140 Winston Park Drive, Suite 206
Oakville, ON L6H 5V5
Telephone: (905) 849-5800
Toll Free 1-866-327-LOVE (5683)
Fax us at: 905) 337-8945

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. All picture's are from me and my very old and cranky camera.


bethany@lovablelabels said...

Thanks so much Mary, for your amazing review of our Labels! I'm sure your grandson will love the labels for a Christmas Present! Have a lovable day!