Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kiss Nail Products Review

I know we all love to do our nails and toenails when we can or we go and have them done for us. Kiss nail products is one of the companies that we buy from to make our nails look fabulous. I was very honored recently to be able to review quite a selection of their products. Here is what I got to review:

1. 1 set of Everlasting French Nail Tips in Real Short length
2. 1 set of Everlasting French Nail Tips in Pearl Real Short length
3. 1 French Manicure Kit for Tips & Toes
4. 1 Draw on French Tip Pen
5. 2 sets of Nail Accents flexible stickers
6. 2 Nail Files
7. 1 Brow Wax & Pencil Duo
8. 1 set of false eyelashes
9. 1 Strip eyelash adhesive

Now, let me start by saying that I had no idea that Kiss nail products did false eyelashes or brows so when I opened the box and saw those products there I was truly surprised! I did try several times to get them on and I have never been good with false eyelashes regardless of who made them, and this turned out to be true with Kiss's. I never could figure out how to get them on without them looking fake or having one side up higher than the other.

I think when everyone comes for Thanksgiving, I may try to get some of my family members to try and show me how the heck to do it! My daughter knows how to use them pretty well. I did use the Brow Wax & Pencil Duo on my very sparse eyebrows though. The Wax duo is a clear wax on one end to tame and manage your brows while the other end of the pencil is for the color. I got the Universal Brown which was good because I am between a brown and reddish blonde.

So that color worked well for me. My eyebrows are very light and I have to be careful I don't put too much on or I will look very fake. I loved the idea of using a wax pencil first to tame the eyebrows and it in turn helped my eyebrows look alot better when I colored over them to make them slightly darker. It does come with a sharpener of it's own so you don't have to use your eyeliner sharpener.

I really liked the Draw On French Tip Pen because I honestly cannot keep fake nails on for very long so "faking" my french tips and using the pencil to white the tops of my real nails was something I really was more comfortable doing than putting on the fake nails.

It goes on pretty simple and the best part is that is does not fade or yellow! It lasted about a week before I had to pencil in the white french tips again.

You only have to coat your nails once and it dries pretty darn quick!

This is going to be my "new" best nail product. I love anything that makes my life easier! And of course, I think everyone knows how to use a nail file.

Yes, there are different kinds but for the most part everyone uses the nice wide ones like the ones in the above picture. I know that I do.

I was given one nail file that you can actually wash & rinse then re-use it! The other file is for shaping the nails or the fake ones.

The Everlasting French nails were the more popular product that my daughter and granddaughter really liked the most. I went ahead and let my granddaughter put one package of the nails on. I hid the other one because it will be a Christmas present. She is a whiz at doing her own nails and just look for yourself how successful her nails look:

Didn't she do a really good job? She said they were really easy to put on and to shape the way she wanted them to look. She is really very good at this sort of thing but she says she has no intention of ever becoming a nail tech in a salon somewhere. She is able to do it because it is for fun and she claims once you have to work for it, then it is not fun anymore. I have noticed that she is taking care of things alot better than before.

So, I don't mind letting her help me review some products that might be a little too much for me. She really loved her new nails and I have to admit they do look better on her hands versus what I would have done and that is butcher them! Like I stated earlier, I wanted to save some of the products to give to her for Christmas, so I did not let her use the other package of nails. Go to Kiss's video gallery to take a look on some how to videos that will help you get the most out of your Kiss nail products.

She did use the French Manicure Kit on her nails once the fake nails wore off but she was able to get them off without messing them up so she can use them again sometime later on. Now, see, I would have messed them up trying to get them off so this is another example of why I let the "pro" try the nails. Now, her nails are really short like mine and although the kit was great at making her nails look just like the fake ones she still preferred the fake ones over the French Manicure Kit just because the fake ones made her nails longer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the French Manicure Kit, she just likes the long nails look.

And I liked the French Tip Pen because it is less hassle, not because there is anything wrong with the kit. We all have different preferences so one of these will work for just about everyone! You should have no problem with picking out your favorite and I assure you that you will find one or two or maybe all of them to be right up your alley!

We did experiment with the stickers and they were fun to do but I would not wear them out in public except for maybe a costume event. I am more conservative but my daughter and granddaughter had alot of fun with the stickers. They loved putting them on their toes, especially. My camera chose to break down on me before I could get some pictures of the stickers on their toes so I apologize for that.

In this picture you can see the Nail Accents in two different colors: One has a black background but the stickers themselves are actually different shades of purple and then there are white ones along with some silver ones. They really liked these the best. The other Nail Accents has most of the pastel colors and I would recommend these for spring and summer. They looked the best on a French manicure or with a dark nail color like red or hot pink.

If you have teens in your household, they will really love experimenting with the flexible Nail Accent Stickers!

Check out this page to see where you can find your favorite Kiss products at.

Here is some information I found out about Kiss from their website:
Kiss is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of professional quality nail products. The company originated in the lucrative beauty supply market. As the popularity of the products soared, distribution was quickly expanded to the mass-market arena from Walgreens to WalMart. Capitalizing on this success, Kiss became the first company to bring quality, professional nail care directly to the consumer, creating easy-to-use, all-in-one kits so she can achieve Salon Results at home. Today, the Kiss line of products has expanded to include nail care, nail jewelry, nail art, and manicure & pedicure tools. Each of these quality products originated from Kiss's innovative thinking and vast salon experience.

To attract an untapped segment of the nail-care market, Kiss launched a second brand called Broadway Nails. This revolutionary brand was the first to allow women to achieve salon-like manicures at home, quickly and easily. All kits contain easy, glue-on, full cover nails that make getting a salon-like manicure at home easy for any consumer.

Kiss’ success expanded around the globe as more and more retailers found the innovation and quality offered was like no other brand. Retailers like Boots UK, Sephora France, AS Watson Hong Kong and London Drugs in Canada continue to drive growth. Today, Kiss and Broadway Nails brands are available in over 90 countries worldwide.

To maintain its leadership position, Kiss continues to study the needs of its diverse, global consumers. Understanding her needs and desires for quality innovative products that are relevant to her lifestyle is key. Kiss and Broadway Nails products continue to rank highest in sales and consumer satisfaction.

Kiss Products Inc. is located in New York just 20 miles outside of New York City on the exclusive north shore of Long Island. A diverse workforce with a multitude of talent and energy work to deliver top selling products at the best possible quality and value.
Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. All picture's are from me and my very old and cranky camera.