Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Five Fingers T-Shirt Review

I found a truly nice T-shirt company called Five Finger Tees on the internet one day and after reviewing some of the tees decided to see if I could review one of them.

They were so nice and very quick to reply and the ordering was one of the easiest ones I have had to do in a long time! They have so many to choose from and it was hard deciding whether I wanted one or if I would order one for my husband, Mike.

Well, as you can see from the picture, he won and he was so excited to finally get something that was for him only! I need to try and remember him more often but he gets to sample all the food products so don't feel too sorry for him!

We looked around and we decided that we liked the actual T-shirt that had Five Finger Tees as the logo. I figured if I am going to write a review for them, might as well advertise also!

I think it turned out really good and so does the hubby.

He has worn it several times since we got it and that means it stood the test!

I did not know this until I went back to look at the site today but if you send them a picture of yourself or hubby for that matter wearing one of their shirts you could win a shirt! We are definitely gonna send them a pic of Mike and see what happens.

Hey, a free good quality t-shirt is worth a little humiliation, don't you think?? He'll get over it! Besides, he will love it if it wins and he gets to pick out another t-shirt. He will probably get one that you can't wear outside the house if I don't watch out! But seriously, we had alot of laughs over some of the tees, they were just too funny!

It was good to laugh at something for a change. It's been kinda tense here since we finally made the decision for Mike to have his neck surgery which is today actually so I am trying to get this done before we leave for the hospital in case I don't get back home in time to get it posted. I don't like putting things off and I had promised to have it up today and I try to keep my promises. Anyway, the shirts are hilarious! You gotta go check them out for yourself, really.

Five Finger Tees are 100% made with high quality cotton and professionally screen printed in house by their staff. And it really shows in the quality. When we got the shirt in the mail, it was nice and soft and very good quality. I hate it when I get a t-shirt that is light and see through.

You know right away that you got ripped off! There are 100's of their Tees at $9.99 and if you order over $50 shipping is free (US only). As a special favor to my readers they will give you 5% off when you use the code fiveoff! We have already washed it twice and it is holding up really well. Of course, I never put shirts in the dryer, especially 100% cotton ones, we hang them up to dry and I find that is the best way to keep them longer and from shrinking.

They add new shirts weekly so check back often as you might miss a really funny one! I have never seen so many funny tees in one place at one time! Also, if you like them on Facebook you have another chance to win a tee! And don't forget to send them your picture with the tee on for another chance to win a free tee. Go to this page if you want to see what their bestsellers are if you don't have time to look thru the whole collection. This page is really funny! It is where they have some pictures posted of people who have sent in their pics wearing the t-shirts! Too funny!

Here is a little bit about the company and what they believe. I took this right off their site so it is a quote from them:

We are a family owned and run business, located just outside Boston in beautiful Massachusetts. We have a passion for designing and printing t-shirts, and it shows in the quality of our shirts.

We want to bring high quality T-Shirts to the masses, at a low price. Sure it's cool to impress people by wearing a $150 T-Shirt with rhinestones on it. But why not wear a $9.99 T-shirt and get the same amount of compliments? You could buy 15 t-shirts from us for the price of one of those fancy t-shirts, plus we'll give you FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50! How can you beat that?

Some ask why do you only charge $9.99 for your t-shirts? Well it's simple, we do all the work. From customer service, designing, printing, photography, shipping, web site design, and trying to watch our kids at the same time, we do it all! By maintaining this work philosophy it allows us to keep our overhead really low, and that gives you the customer a great deal, without having to sacrifice on the quality.

You can catch them several ways:

Email: info@fivefingertees.com

Have a design idea? You can email them at (designs@fivefingertees.com)

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and my sometimes cranky camera but it was all me with no copied pictures.


Adri17 said...

The prices seems so affordable and it is so true when you win something only for yourself, you feel more excited :)
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thanks for following my blog! following you back! you've got a great blog, can't wait to read more!

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royalegacy said...

They have a great selection of t-shirts. Thanks for the review.

Ladyyus said...

I really enjoyed your review on the Five Fingers T shirts!They sound worth checking out,so I will.My husband would pick out one I wouldn't let him wear out of the house as well,LOL:).I get tons of freebies and always make sure to get things for him too.If it's a food item and he gets to it first,it's gone,LOL.