Saturday, November 19, 2011

Born Pretty Mood Changing Nail Polish Review

I decided to use Born Pretty's image of the bottle of nail polish called New Magic Dark pink/Light Pink Changing Mood Nail Polish Nail because my picture kept coming out blurry for some odd reason. The color is the same color that they sent me to review and they have several other colors to choose from to get the Mood Changing Nail Polish look. The colors available are:

1. Magic Violet/White
2. Magic Gray/Pink
3. Magic Fuschia/Pink
4. Magic Dark Pink/Light Pink
5. Magic Blue/Purple
6. Magic Red/Pink
7. Magic Green/Yellow
8. Magic Orange/Yellow
9. Magic Blue/Sky Blue
10.Magic Pink Color
11.Magic Purple/Pink

I went ahead and grabbed a few of the colors from their site to give you another sense of what the polish is suppose to do:
Wow, don't they look good? I have to admit though, I really can't tell a difference in the Dark Pink/Light Pink that I was sent. But I think that might be because the color is so similar and I don't really know what to look for. I painted it on my toes and I can tell you that the color in the bottle is not the color that came out on my toes so that may be what you are suppose to see. The color in the bottle was more of a Fuschia color but the color on my toes came out a pinkish peach color all over. I did not see the two tones color like they have on the blue. But, if you notice on the first picture from their site, that model's nails seem to be the same color all over, too. So, maybe I did not make a mistake after all. It could be the color I was sent is not as noticeable as the blue color is.

Here is another example and you can compare all three colors and judge for yourself:

See what I mean? Even the red/pink color has a separation color but the top color does not. So, I think it is the color, don't you? Maybe it is not as obvious as these are. I still love the color though, whether or not it changes color. I bet the teens in your house would love these! Born Pretty has all kinds of neat stuff on their site! Just about anything that makes us pretty is on their site such as makeup, blusher, foundation, hand care, hair removal, wax products, Hello Kitty accessories, eyelash curlers, etc. You get the gist of what all you can shop for on Born Pretty.

Naturally, all nail products are included, even Acrylic products for your nails. If you know how to use them you can avoid the nail salons and put your own nails on! Oh, almost forgot, they have a 30 day money back guarantee if something is wrong with their products or if you just flat out don't like them once you send the product back they will refund you 100%! They also offer WorldWide free shipping with no minimums required! Now, who in the heck does that?

Now, see what I mean about my pictures not turning out so hot? I have to admit my very best camera broke down and I have sent it back to the manufacturer since I only had it 3 months and it had a 2 year warranty so I had to revert back to my cranky camera! Gosh, I hate that thing! Too bad I can't get a camera company to let me review a camera!!!

I was even surprised that Born Pretty has their own Ebay store! The prices on there are definitely lower than any I have seen elsewhere. I also found out that they have their own Rewards system for loyal customers. You can go to the Reward's page and read about how it all works. I have to admit that keeping up with my nails is not a high priority to me since I don't work anymore but when I was working I made sure my nails looked great all the time. I have friends who are amazed at how relaxed I have become but really, I just don't have the time nor the resources to do that anymore. Living on disability tends to do that! I have given up alot of things that at one time I thought I would die without but you learn to adjust. So, if I was to get back into keeping up my nails I would have to say I would go on Born Pretty's ebay store and get my nail products there. I have to stretch my dollars as far as they can go!

If you prefer, you can go to Born Pretty's Facebook page and keep in touch with them there. They also have a Twitter account if you are a Tweeter and love to tweet. Or if you are a video nut they have a YouTube account that you can watch and catch up on all the how to's! Lastly, they have their own blog so go over and check them out and leave some love while you are there. One last thing, they have a Specials page to help you save even more money on some of their products. Go see if anything interests you!

Here are some other ways to contact Born Pretty:

Born Pretty
Flat 16F, N., Parkview Tower
Luohu, Shenzhen, GD
Tel: 0086 18627882749
Skype: ebaycsonline
Msn Messenger:

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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I have never seen anything like this before. My girls would love this!!


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My daughter would totally love these nail polishes. The colors are so pretty! The other products sound great from Born Pretty also. Color changing nail polish would definitely be a hit with teens.

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