Friday, November 25, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Sponsor Mistura 6-in-1 Ultimate Kit Review

I have a new company out of Canada I wanted to tell everyone about and that is Mistura! I wasn't sure how this was really possible or how it would work so when I first got the Ultimate Kit I have to admit I was a little intimidated by it. I just could not figure out how one small kit was gonna change the way I did my makeup and do away with so many steps that used to take me a good hour to complete. Now mind you, that is now, but when I was well and healthy and still able to work, I could get my makeup on in about 15-20 minutes. Not anymore. I don't know if I have gotten slower or I just feel like it takes more steps and products to get my face looking as good as it used to (or at least presentable). Don't know if I really want to know the answer to that question!

So, to be honest, I messed up the first 3 or 4 times. I kept putting on more than what I needed and I had to learn that they really meant what they said when the directions say to go lightly and build up til you find the right color for you. If you put too much on you will be really dark! And in my case, with my very lily white face, it was like I put on a clown's makeup, I am serious! But really, all you need is what is in the Ultimate Kit and don't try to add any of your makeup or products with it because it really does nothing but mess the whole thing up. I learned that the hard way. Here is why it works:

Mistura’s trademarked formula is heat activated and therefore works differently on everyone. The light refracting minerals and ultramarines glide over your skin like silk muting blemishes, redness and imperfections. Our Miracle Match Colour Blend Technology® guarantees perfect individualized results every time. You can expect to look healthy, fresh and “made up” within seconds.

The Ultimate Kit includes:

1. 1 powder compact of Mistura's 6-in-1 Beauty Solution
2. 1 eye applicator
3. 1 lip applicator
4. Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer
5. Vitamin E Lip Treatment
6. Retractable Brush and drawsting pouch

Now, here is where it gets really interesting. The 6-in-1 powder is what you use as an eye shadow and on your lips! I thought to myself, What? How in the heck is a powder gonna give me color on my eyes and on my lips? Well, it does! Here are some Before and After pictures for you to see the difference it made in these women's faces. Now, granted, I don't look quite as dark as they do when I use it but that is because I am too white and would look crazy with a white neck and arms. So, I went very very light on mine and liked the effect of looking natural. I did not use a bronzer but a soft petal pink to go all over my face afterwards to add some shine and healthy looking color. I wish my camera had not broke down on me so I could have taken some pictures to show you. Hopefully, this manufacturer will get my new camera to me pretty soon.

Check out Mistura on several different social medias:

Mailing Address:
1010 Polytek, Suite 20
Ottawa, Ontario
K1J 9J1
YouTube - Check it out for instructions on how to apply the makeup
Mistura's Blog

Mistura has kindly given me a 6-in-1 Ultimate Kit to pass on to one of my readers in the 12 Days of Gifts Galore (12 Days of Christmas)that starts on November 25th! And this one is open to Canada. Good Luck! Check out the 12 Days of Gifts Galore Post with the Rafflecopter form.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The pictures used in this review were taken by me and my cranky old camera!


Maryann said...

This kit seems great and it has everything I would need. I too have very white skin so hopefully this would blend nicely for me also. I especially like the color blend technology since i have a hard time getting the right color for me.

twinkle at optonline dot net

yanswim888 said...

Looks like some great products!