Friday, October 28, 2011

Pureology Hydrate System Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I was so very honored and excited that Pureology answered my email that I sent them asking if I could review one or two products! They were so very gracious and sent more than 2 products so I had to split this review into 2 parts and I will tell you about the other 3 products in a week or so.

The two products today belong to the Hydrate System which is the one that deals with hair that has been colored and needs deep hydrations, nourishment and colour protection. I received the Shampoo and Conditioner in the Hydrate System. I do have my hair colored to keep the gray hair from showing. I am not quite ready for the gray hair yet so until I am it is nice to know I have a shampoo and conditioner that is helping me protect my hair and to keep it from fading.

This shampoo and conditioner also have an anti-fade complex to help you keep your colour longer. This shampoo and conditioner are also free of sulfates and salts that can strip your hair of it's colour.

Here is the list of ingrediants in the Hydrate System:

Pureology’s Exclusive
Technology and Organic Botanicals:

Exclusive blend of potent antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens.

ZeroSulfate® Shampoo
Free of harsh colour-stripping sulfates and salts.

Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology
Penetrates the hair fiber to deeply moisturize from within.

Natural Ingredients:
Multi-Weight Proteins of Soy, Oat, and Wheat
Strengthen and repair hair from within.

Organic Botanicals:
Rose, Peppermint, and Green Tea
Deliver natural conditioning.

I really love the way that the shampoo and conditioner smell! It is such an exotic smell and hard to pin down but I can definitely smell the peppermint. It will remind you a little bit of Christmas! It does not take much to shampoo your hair so start off with a small dollop and work your way up or you will waste this precious shampoo. It lathers up quickly and cleaned my hair pretty fast! I only have one word of caution, because of the peppermint, it burned a little around the eyes.

And that was due to me always washing my hair in the shower so my head is not bent over. If it had been bent over none of the peppermint would have touched my eyelids. So, if you take showers like I do, just be aware if you are sensitive that you will feel a little tingly. I washed it off pretty quickly and it did not cause any problems. I just wanted you to be aware that it might happen. I would hate for you to buy this product and then this happens to you because I did not mention it. It's not enough to stop me from using it because the benefits outweigh that small little reaction to the peppermint.

Now for the conditioner, I could smell a little of the green tea in that one. I did not have any of the tingling with the conditioner like I did with the shampoo, so it may not have as much peppermint in it as the shampoo did, or I had gotten used to it by then. It was real creamy and light and went on smoothly. I usually leave my conditioners in the rest of the shower and rinse it off last before I am about ready to turn the water off.

My hair comes out feeling soft and silky and with such a fresh clean scent my hubby keeps asking me what am I wearing when I first step out of the shower! My hair is more manageable and easier to run a comb thru it without having all the tangles that I used to have with other conditioners. My hair was soft to the touch and not dry at all! If you have dry hair or colored hair or both like me, then this is the shampoo & conditioner for you!

I will tell you more about the Hydrate System in Part 2 of my review in a week or so. But for now here is how you can reach out and find which system might be your best match. Oh, yes, there are plenty more systems out there that are tailored made for whatever type of hair you have!

I was not suppose to do a giveaway in the beginning. This was a review only but yesterday Pureology was so gracious to decide that they wanted one winner to enjoy a brand new product called Pureology Colour Stylist Illuminating Curl. This is a shaping lotion that will give you 24 hours of definition and moisture. It is free of mineral oil & petrolatum. Cost is $24.00! I am so envious! I did not even get to try this one!


Jayne Townsley said...

I would also like to try the Texture Twist.

Annie1 said...

I'd love to try the Super Smooth System


nancyrobster at gmail dot com

Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

crftyduchess said...

I`d like to try the HYDRATE HYDRAWHIP

amyorvin said...

I'd like Super Smooth hair mask

heartnsoulcooking said...

I also LIKE the ANTIBREAKAGE TWIST shine texturizer, would LIKE to try!

Colleen M said...

I would like to try their Pure Volume Shampoo because I have thin hair.

colljerr at comcast dot net

Anne-Marie T said...

I would like to try their Silk Bodifier
voluminizing mousse.

amt (at)telus (dot)net

maxfate said...

I'd like to try the ANTIBREAKAGE TWIST shine texturizer

Adri17 said...

Would like to try their Voluminizing System to Strengthen and repair hair from within!
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Kim D. said...

I'd like to try the Super Smooth Relaxing Hair Masque.

Tasha W said...

I would like to try the SUPER SMOOTH SYSTEM shampoo and conditioner.

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truwinner said...

essential repair system

Donna said...

I would love to try the Powerdressing product

Karen said...

That shaping lotion sounds amazing!

Brooke - "Brookie's Baby Bargains" said...

I would like to also try texture twist

Michelle @womenwwin said...

I need Super Smooth conditioner!! Thanks!

Amanda said...

I would love to try the Pure Volume®
Blow Dry Amplifier

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amanda hoffman said...

Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier

chris0855 said...

I'd like to try the Pure Volume Thickening Mist!

Heidi V said...

I would love to try the Dry Shine.

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Brittany said...

I would like to try an super sooth product!

skbaron said...

A lot of things I'd like to try- especially the super smooth products or the glossing mist!


matty blanca said...

I use to use Pureology until a girlfriend recommended Shielo Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner.. I have been using it for a little over a month now and LOVE SHIELO.. I also bought the Leave in Protectant that I have yet to use. I have what I personally call-THICK AND NAPPY hair and Shielo tames the inner Don King in me. Doesn't leave build up, de-tangles the "NAP" and leaves my hair smelling great..