Saturday, October 8, 2011

Novica "Sea Song" Bracelet Review

I have to tell you that when I received this bracelet from Novica I was stunned at how beautiful it was! This bracelet is called Lapis lazuli beaded bracelet, 'Sea Song', because it is as blue as the sea. It was hand crafted by a woman named Ritu who then adds a sterling silver clasp.

According to Ritu, her husband kept telling her she needed to create jewelry and she says that began her journey into creating jewelry that includes ancient designs.

This picture does not due justice to this really stunning bracelet. It is hard to describe all the different hues of blue that went into making this stunner. They sorta remind me of those candies we used to eat when I was younger, you know, the ones that popped and fizzed in our mouths as they melted?

Or remember the bubble gum that would come in those itty bitty pieces and we would turn up the boxes and fill our mouths with the gum? Well, that is sorta the shape of the stones used to make this gorgeous bracelet! And the box that it comes in is luxurious black velvet on the inside to protect the bracelet and the outside is a beautiful red mixed with gold sparkly thread!

You could tell immediately that the design came from India by the way it was made. Each box and bracelet comes with it's own little card that tells you a little bit about the person who made your jewelry and includes a picture of the artist and a short message on the back which is translated into English. I just thought that was the most beautiful part of getting the bracelet, that I get to see who made it and I have a post card like photo with her handwriting on it thanking me for liking her bracelet!

Novica is associated with National Geographic in bringing artists from around the world to our doorsteps for those of us who will never ever be able to go to them or vice versa. They have helped so many artists get the recognition that they deserve while preserving their rich heritage. I did not know that National Geographic did something like this until I was going thru their site looking for something to buy.

There was so much stuff I wanted but unfortunately for me, I don't have that kind of money, but if I did I might be tempted to get one of each.

You can get anything pretty much in the jewelry line like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, rings, men's jewelry, bangles and leather jewelry. They also have jewelry boxes, paintings, home decor, handbags, travel bags, trinkets, tableware, clothing and rugs.

I could go on but you get the idea. These artists are from all over the place from Mexico to Asia, Brazil, India, Thailand, West Africa, Andes, Bali, Java and Central America! It's kinda like travelling the world in your own living room! Oh, one last thing, new customers only get $7.00 off their first purchase!

Here is Novica's Mission that I got off of their website:

We want to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity. And, we want to provide you with access to unique, hard-to-find items at great values that only the Internet infrastructure can allow.

At the deepest essence of our philosophy, we want to create a bridge between you and the many talented artisans across the globe. We want you to know about who you're buying from. We want you to feel that attachment to the product and to the hands that created it. In the spirit of the Internet, let us bring you together. NOVICA. The World is Your Market.

And then lastly, I wanted to give you a glimpse of Ritu, who made my bracelet. Here is her statement that can be found on Novica:

"Hi, I'm Ritu Aggarwal, and I was born in Jaipur, popularly known as the pink city. But did you know that it is also called the City of Gems? For me, to be in the field of jewelry is like being in dreamland for I have always wanted to be connected to this wonderful world of gems and jewelry.

"I grew up here and had a lot of fun. The vibrant and architectural beauty of the city is a sight to enjoy. I remember spending our weekend time in the park and strolling around the monuments. This always took us to the ancient era of kings and queens.

"Though I have always been fascinated by the art of jewelry, I never got to actually be in the field until I got married. Many people in Jaipur have a long lineage in crafts and trade, which has been handed down from generation to generation. And my husband is one of them. His family has worked in the design and crafting of jewelry for many years and, when I married him, I was exposed to its vast and enigmatic beauty. I would spend endless time watching them work. It was a delight to see.

"Slowly my husband encouraged to me create some jewelry… thus I started on my journey. I am greatly influenced by the ancient designs and I bring them to my work. I also work on contemporary themes.

"It has definitely been a long journey for me. I know I have a long way to go and I need your support. I want to invite you to my small world to see and appreciate my collections."

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The Paper Princess said...

I love this bracelet! I've seen the Novica name around but never took the time to check it out. I hope they allow you to do a giveaway in the future - now that I know what they are about, I will definitely have my eyes open for their name!