Saturday, September 17, 2011

San Francisco Bath Salts Review

I have a wonderful company to tell you about today called San Francisco Bath Salts! I was sent this beautiful 16 oz. jar of Lavender Bath Salts to try. I have to admit that bath salts is second only to my love of body or face scrubs.  When I first opened this jar the smell of lavender assaulted my senses and made me want to take a bath right away!

According to the jar you take one handful of salts and add to your bath for a 15 minute soak. If you want it to last longer, which I always do, you take two handfuls and you can stay in there as long as you want! After this wonderful soak you should have no problem going to sleep because that is what lavender does, it makes you feel calm and relaxed and gives you such a sense of peace. 

A 16 oz jar costs $11.95 and 5 pounds costs only $20.99 so if you take alot of bath soaks, this would be the option for you!  I will tell you something else that I do with the salts and that is when my hands get really dry (which they do alot) I take a little of the bath salts and a little water or even if you have some bath oil and rub them both together and just scrub my hands with this great mixture to give my hands that soft feel and my little instant spa moment to pick me up!

I don't know if you have ever smelled lavender bath salts but they are one of the most natural smelling scents that you can have in aromatherapy. It is just so relaxing and if you have trouble sleeping this is the one for you. 

If it isn't, I found other things on their site that you might want to try.  They have a whole realm of salts that include muscle soak salts, detox salts, zen salts, cold & flu salts, skincare salts, antioxidant salts, herbal dead sea salts and herbal pacific sea salts. I even found out that they have foaming bath salts along with nourishing milk baths and tranquility bath salts and also the wonderful sounding rose dead sea salts! So, they are so much more than just a bath salt company.

You really need to check them out and see what you can find that might peak your interest.  I took this picture of what my lavender bath salts look like when opened.

While I was on their website I found out that they carry more than just bath salts! They have body scrubs and I found one that I would have loved to have called Moon Dreams with Lavender and Chamomile and is made with shea butter.

Oh, my, I could have really used that wonderful combination on my really dry skin!  I am a huge fan of body scrubs along with facial scrubs. They have a huge selection of body scrubs to choose from like a brown sugar body scrub, almond oil salt scrub, white sugar scrub and a himalayan salt scrub.  They even have dead sea muds which can be used on the face along with the body or hair.

I also found that they have Gourmet Salts that you actually use on foods or when cooking! Now, who would have thought that? I found that they have 4 oz chic jars, 8 oz chef jars along with shakers which most of us usually buy at the grocery store. But this really opened my eyes to a whole new realm of what this company sells. Who would have thought that  a bath salt company would also have products that you can use in the kitchen? 

They also carry an accessories line which includes a salt grinder (who would have thought you would need a grinder for salt)? Not, me! They also have bamboo jars, glass jars with spoons, Himalayan Salt Lick and Himalayan Salt Block! Now, I was really curious as to what the heck do you do with salt licks and salt blocks? Me, being curious, just had to know so I read a little and here is what I found out. 

The blocks can be used to put appetizers on to make it look prettier and you can freeze them to put desserts on! Now, I am not 100% sure how all this works but I am amazed that you would put dessert on a frozen piece of salt! What about you? Check it out if you don't believe me on their website.

For first time customers they have given me a discount coupon code: cupoftea to get 5% off for one time only and to be used online.

Now here is what I could find out about this great company under the About Us tab on their site and here is where I quote from their website.  Usually, I try to give a little history about who started the company and why did they choose this path, etc. but I could not find that information but this is a pretty good sense of what the company stands for:

We are all about the salt - our philosophy is harnessing natural mineral sea salts to enhance your well-being, from the inside out. Our Mission is to raise customers’ awareness of the amazing benefits of natural sea salts.

We design, develop, and manufacture all of of own products. We have two production facilities (our bath salts division is in Union City, CA and our food salt division is in nearby Hayward, CA). In addition to our own lines and brands, we also design and manufacture products for many other bath and body companies as well as supply raw salts to the cosmetic and food industry. We directly import all of our raw, natural salts from reliable suppliers around the world and guarantee their authenticity. We maintain a large stock to ensure low pricing, short lead times, and quick shipping. For more information on our capabilities, please visit our
wholesale & private label page.

San Francisco Salt Company offers the world's largest selection of bath, spa and shower salts as well as a wonderful (and growing!) selection of premium gourmet food salts from around the world. Our product lines also include exfoliating body scrubs, mud, bath salt making supplies and packaging solutions. So, whether you are an individual looking to purchase bath of gourmet salts for yourself, or have a large business and seek bulk orders or custom manufacturing, we can accommodate you and everyone in between. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can answer your questions to help you make informed decisions. We stock large volumes of raw salts so that we can keep our prices low and respond to your needs quickly. For more information about our full range of services and products, please visit our wholesale & private label manufacturing page or call us at 1-800-480-4540.

And this information was under the Wholesale/Private Label Tab:

The San Francisco Bath Salt Company designs, develops, and manufactures all of its own products here in Union City, CA. We also design and manufacture products for many other bath and body companies as well as supply raw salts to the cosmetic and food industry. We directly handle all the logistics of import and export of our product lines. Whether you are a small business enterprise or a large national brand seeking bulk or custom manufacturing, we can accommodate you and everyone in between. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can answer your questions to help you make informed decisions. We stock large volumes of raw salts to ensure low pricing, short lead times, and quick shipping. As well as our own extensive list of in house capabilities and services, we also have a well-rounded network of domestic and worldwide strategic partners.

With our own in-house product design team and graphic designer, we offer full turnkey solutions and everything in between. We can take control of certain aspects of the manufacturing process, as specified by you, or we can take you by the hand and lead you every step of the way. Our experience ranges from working with large bath and body companies such as QVC, the Ritz Carlton, and Walmart to smaller spa & boutique customers. And with over 10 years of bath salt knowledge, we have the experience to offer expertise and sound advice.

I hope I gave you a great sampling of everything that SFBSC is about and what great products they carry, more than you would have thought!  By the way, check out their Specials that they have and also they have a Product of the Month! 

Here are all the ways you can get in touch with this company:

Mailing & Delivery Address:
San Francisco Bath Salt Company
33231 Transit Avenue
Union City, CA 94587
Tel: 1-800-480-4540 - If we don’t answer you will get a call back in less than 1 hour. (I thought this was worth mentioning because it does not happen often with companies!)
Fax: 510-477-9621

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and my sometimes cranky camera but it was all me with no copied pictures


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Lavender is my very favorite scent in the entire universe. It is such a relaxing scent. I have all of my drawers lined with lavender scents. Great review.

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