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Lumiere Cosmetics Review

Today, I have a new mineral cosmetics company called Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics to tell you about. I have been very blessed to be able to get such a variety of different mineral makeups to try recently and I have to tell you that all of these companies take great pride in their products and all are so worth it!

It is just a matter of personal preference which one you like the best. I would have a hard time making that decision because they are all unique & different and all offer something "special" in their line to make them unique to that particular product. Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics makes your face look natural, radiant and lasts all day long.

Here is what I was sent to try:

1. Light Blue Shimmer for the eyes
2. Juicy Peach for the eyes
3. Sand Beige for the eyes
4. Wild Rose Blush
5. Clay Veena Blush
6. Light Beige Flawless Face
7. Fair Beige Cashmere for Face

Now, I have to tell you right off I am not a big eye shadow fan anymore. I used to love all the wild blues and greens of my youth and would wear them proudly but not now that I have gotten older! The great thing that Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics did was have me fill out a questionnaire to match me as close as they could and then asked me to send a recent photo to them to further make sure I got the right colors.

I really appreciated that they did not try to send me wild colors for my eyes instead they chose warm beiges and peach which is almost the colors I will use on the occasion that I do want to get fancy. I even actually liked the Blue Shimmer because it was not really blue when you put it on, it was more like a glitter. We tried to get pictures of it on my eyes but it wasn't dark enough to show on my eyes except for light bouncing back off of my eyes and then my husband can't see worth a crap so he kept taking blurry pictures so I took the camera away from him.

I tried to just use my arm to show the colors but even then we had a problem as I had to keep piling on the color in order for it to show up on the camera and then they looked so scary I did not want to show those either lest you thought that was the color you would get on your eyes.

Like I said they did a really good job matching me up and I am so fair looking that I really need the light colors because the darker ones would really be so dark I would look like I was trying to be a Goth or something.

Finally, I just took some pictures of the eye shadows in their sample pots and this is what they look like in the picture below:

The Juicy Peach is on the left and Sand Beige is on the right with Blue Shimmer in the middle.

You can wear their eye colors either dry for a subtle look or you can wet them for more dramatic looks.

Good thing I did not do that! Because the change was really noticeable!

They had a full range of colors to choose from going from Whites/Grays to Purples/Pinks. I did look at some of the model's eyes and they really had some pretty colors on their eyes.  I just would not wear them because I am not as young as they are. By clicking on the link you can see some of the colors they have to choose from and what the model was wearing.

I went on to try the foundations and that was not going to happen either. You can imagine how light the colors were with them being called Fair Beige Cashmere and Light Beige Flawless and it did not matter how much I put on my arm it was not going to show up. I can tell you that I chose the Fair Beige over the Light Beige because it blended better on my face and it did not look like I had any makeup on.

It gave my face the natural look I crave but it hid the imperfections and blended some of the places that are a little pinkish on the cheeks from what I don't know, I guess just getting older. It basically just evened everything out and really looked good.

Oh, one good reason also that it was better for me is that Flawless is made for normal to dry skin, which is what I have. They sent the Fair Beige Cashmere because it is for all skin types.  They also have Veena Velvet which is for normal to oily skin. Then the other category they have is Luminesse which is for all skin types also but the difference is it gives you a silky glow.

Flawless and Veena Velvet are all matte finishes while Cashmere is mostly matte with a soft silkiness. They all offer different degrees of coverage and everybody has their own way they want their makeup to look and that is what is so unique about Lumiere is that you can build up the makeup to the right level of shade that you want with their foundations.

Lastly, I tried the two blushes I was sent, Wild Rose and the Clay Veena. I did put those two colors on my arm and because the sample pots would not show up on the camera for some odd reason. I will show you the colors on my arm but remember I had to layer them alot heavier than I would have on my face and the weird thing is they came out almost exactly the same shade!

The Wild Rose is on the bottom or right side and the Clay Veena is on top or left side. They are not that color on your face.

Imagine that color cut in half and that is about what you really would have put on your face.

Or at least I hope that is what you would do unless you were going somewhere for Halloween! These also work like the eye shadows, you can wear them dry for subtle or wet for more dramatic color.

Here is where Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics did something a little different also: they have a forum site that you can go and talk about your experience or get questions answered or to just talk about the products! I also learned that they sell M-Pressed eye shadow and M-Pressed Blush for those of us who want their colors in a compact.

I do need to tell you that the pots are loose minerals so they do tend to fall all over the place if you are not careful. It may have been just because they were samples so I am not sure what the regular pots look like but just in case they are like mine, please be careful when you open them because they are loose not pressed.

Besides all the products I have mentioned they do carry lip products, concealers, finishing powders, skin enhancers, gel liners along with cream eye shadow if you don't like loose minerals.

The other thing I saw was that they have a Skin Bar which is where you can find their line of skincare. They ranged from Primers for the face to oils like Emu oil and Squalane Oil. Now here is where I am going to quote straight from their site because I really had no idea what the whole Emu Oil and now this Squalane Oil was all about and this is very interesting details that all of us need to know about these great sounding oils:

Emu Oil
Do you suffer from rosacea or eczema? Has acne left redness and scarring? Try our Emu Oil. After a few weeks, you’ll notice a remarkable difference in the appearance of your skin! Scarring from acne blemishes, rosacea, and eczema will be reduced; dry, chapped skin will be healed; and lifeless, dull facial skin will appear radiant, youthful, and clear.

Squalane Oil
Have other moisturizers left your face feeling lifeless and dry? Do they only attach themselves to the top layer of your skin, leaving you feeling dry and itchy only moments later? If you’re ready for a moisturizer that penetrates deep into your skin, reduces the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, protects against the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and makes your face feel rejuvenated, then you’ll love our Squalane Oil.

I just got this email this afternoon after I posted the review so I came back here to add to my review the sale they have going on right now that some of you might be interested in:

Just a quick update! We have some FABULOUS Gift with Purchase's this week!
Buy $15 - FREE Liner & Brow Brush
Buy $30 - FREE Baby Buki Brush
Buy $50 - FREE Angeled Fiber Optic Brush
See GWP Page for full details!

Also, a quick reminder about Prebuy Brushes - Time is running out, Please place your order quickly to ensure that you get the brushes you want for yourself..and for friends and family, they're a beautiful gift that will last years and years! - Again, please see the Prebuy page for full details :)Happy Shopping!!

I hope this gives you an overview of Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics is all about and, unfortunately, we will not be able to do the history on this company because I could not find anything much except legal stuff and you don't need to know that. I did get some contact information for you to get ahold of this company and all throughout this review I gave you links to go directly to each subject that I was talking about so you would not have to look it up yourself. I hope it helped you better experience what Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics is all about.

Get in touch several ways:

Mailing Address:
Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics
50 Genesee St.
New Hartford NY 13413

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and my sometimes cranky camera but it was all me with no copied pictures.


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