Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eden Fantasys Review

When I was first asked to do this review I was very nervous about writing something like this because I thought I had to talk about things I am uncomfortable talking about on a blog that I am trying to keep clean and fun for everyone. Then I went on their site and saw that they are much more than an adult store.

They have items like candles, massage oils, lotions, shaving creams, body washes and massage candles. So, I thought, mmm, I could do that. Just write about the side I am comfortable writing about and then just hit on a few key good points about this unusual website that seems to be catching on like wildfire because I have seen it popping up all over the blogging world in giveaways and in reviews.

Eden Fantasys is just about anyone's cup of tea because it gives the sexual woman or man a fun and exciting place to shop or the less adventurous person a place to shop for some really good candles and bath products. I have not used a massage candle yet but from those who have I have been told it will leave your skin so soft and silky. Now, that I could use. I have very dry skin and anything that will help me towards getting it smooth I will try at least once.

And then there is the lingerie line. I looked it over and yes, there are some that are over the top, but then there were a few gowns I would not mind having. So, it kinda opened up my mind to exploring a little and see what else I was misinformed about.

I must say I have never seen so much content on a website like this one has! It must be pretty popular because they have books you can buy on various subjects and they interview the authors of the books and give you excerpts from their books along with interview highlights. They even have their own book club!

I can just imagine what that must entail! I bet we would not find any of those books on Oprah's list (at least that she would admit) but it is all in fun and really isn't that what we all want, a little fun in our lives, a little magic, a little humor, a little playfulness, a little closeness and to feel loved and sexy all rolled up into one big package?

Their website even has Forums you can hook up with to talk about whatever your heart desires along with polls you can do to see what everyone else is doing. Then there is the section I touched on briefly above and that is the Interviews section where you can read what some authors and clinical sexologists are talking about.

Also in that section you can actually read about some Reviews that others have done. They have a Community Corner where I guess their admirers write in and discuss things going on. Who knew all this was going on with a website that you just thought was all about selling sex toys to adults?

They are having a Fall Sale going on right now where you can save up to 70% off on hundreds of items so if you are into these kinds of things, here is your perfect opportunity to grab some seriously reduced products for a great bargain. They are even offering free T-Shirts with an order or a free Tote bag or Eden body wipes. I am going to assume that body wipes is probably like the wipes we buy to clean our kids or ourselves.

Lastly, I checked out the body wash section where I found bubble bath products, body washes, bath crystals (I think they must be the same thing as salts) along with some sprays that you can use to spray your sheets to make them feel like silk! Now that is just too cool!

Now that might be interesting without being downright naughty. I also found body oils here along with kissing balm (which I think you use just like chapstick to keep your lips moist) spritzers you spray on your body for men and women mind you, along with a feminine spray, rose petal soap flakes (which actually does not sound too bad) and then lastly a vibrating mesh sponge!

Now, that would be interesting to see! This mesh sponge is vibrating while you are trying to take a shower! Oh, I could have such hilarious fun with this thing. I think it would be the perfect gag gift, don't you?

I hope I have given you some info that may or may not help you in deciding whether you would like to visit this interesting site that they call Eden Fantasys. Well, I will be darned! Just went to get contact info for all of you and just found out that this company is based in Atlanta, Georgia! I have been trying without much luck to feature Georgia business's on my blog and this one just came right up and hit me in the face!

Here are some ways you can reach out and give some love:

Mailing Address:
Web Merchants, Inc.
2745 Bankers Industrial Drive,
Atlanta, GA 30360
Telephone: (888) 506-5516

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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There are items that between husband and wife are clean and could help improve their sex life. Others can benefit from the oils and candles.

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