Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bil-Jac Dog Food Review

I was very fortunate to get to be able to review this dog food company called Bil Jac.

We have had alot of trouble finding a dog food that Charlie likes and will eat. He was 3 years old in June and that is how long we have been searching. When he was a little puppy he ate dog food as long as I softened it a little with gravy or water he would eat it.

Then one day he just decided he was not going to eat! He was getting weak and finally the Vet said we could boil chicken only, no other meat, just chicken. So, for the last 2 1/2 years we have been boiling chicken for Charlie to eat. Now, he does eat his chicken jerky, duck jerky and his sweet potato looking french fries (dog sweet potato not human).

So, he wasn't just eating chicken. We went thru alot of dog food that we ended up giving away! He won't eat bacon, sausage, liver or steak flavored anything including treats! The trainer at Petsmart told us it would be hard to train him because he doesn't like treats and that is what they use to train dogs so it was a lost cause because Charlie would turn his nose up at all the treats offered!! Just wanted to give you a little background on why this was so important.

We did exactly as we were told to do and that was give him two choices of food to choose from. We had Purina Fiesty Blend (which came as a sample in the mail and he actually liked it & I was going to buy a bigger bag until we got the Bil-Jac offer) and the Bil-Jac Chicken, Oatmeal and Yam flavored dog food.

Here is how he first reacted to the bag:

He was very curious what was in the bag so we opened it and took out a handful and placed it beside his other dry dog food (he will also not eat out of a bowl, it has to be on the placemat, he thinks he is human because he sees us use placemats!) and he immediately started on the Bil-Jac!

This was really an amazing site to see because Charlie will not eat unless we play ball and throw the ball pass his placemat and on his way to getting the ball he stops and eats!

I am not kidding, we have to literally play ball to get him to eat!! And look at him going to town!

Isn't that just mind blowing? I have never seen him eat so fast! I then took a picture of what was left and the fact that he did not touch the other food not one time!
The proof is in the pudding, as they say, but we were so shocked and actually happy because maybe, just maybe, the boiling chicken days are over!

Or at least he will go down to eating it just once a day instead of two.

I wanted to give you a little background on why this happened.

I read on Bil Jac's site that they use real chicken and they actually use more real fresh chicken than any other dog food company. In fact they will tell you that for a 6 lb. bag of food you will get 4 lbs. of fresh chicken, 15 lb. bag gets 10 lbs. of chicken and the 30 lbs. of bag gets 20 lbs. of chicken! They say that their formula will make it easy and safe for your dog to switch immediately without having a transition between the two foods.

After one month of using the their food you will start noticing the changes. Their skin, coat and muscle tone improves, their stools will be smaller and firmer which means more complete digestion and they will feel more satisfied after eating! After awhile we will notice that the better nutrition will mean smaller portions because they get fuller quicker and you won't have to use so much dog food!! Yeah, I am all for that!!

I learned on Bil-Jac's site that they have a Best Friend Club you can join and get a monthly email newsletter filled with funny stories, fun facts, member only discounts and training tips. Oh, they even have a Love Letters section where people who have switched over to Bil-Jac send them emails and actual mail letting them know how much happy and playful their dogs seem since making the switch!

I can tell you that after a week of eating Bil-Jac Charlie is more feisty and does not take as many naps as he used to. I recommend if you have a dog or puppy like my Charlie, I would try Bil-Jac first before you waste as much money as we did all this time trying to find something he would eat. Thank you so much Bil-Jac for letting me try your new dog food out on Charlie!!

Now, for the history part, Yeah! I finally found a company who doesn't mind sharing how they got started. My reader's know how I feel about history, it is where we come from and why that makes what our country is today and I am always curious as to why or how we got here.

This is the first time I have run into a company that gave so much history that I will not have room to quote all of it so you will be on your own to go to their website and seek out the end of the story! So, this is what I found on Bil-Jac's site and as always, I quote from them so I am as accurate as possible:

It's a career decision almost everyone faces at some point in their lives. Either go into business for yourself, or work for someone else. For many, the decision doesn't take too long to make because the resources needed to start a business can be hard to come by. That was not, however, the case for two young men who, more than 60 years ago, found themselves in the unique position of having the resources as well as the knowledge and the drive to start a pet food company.

In the early 1940's, both brothers were in the armed forces, serving in World War II. When they returned to their hometown of Medina, Ohio, several years later, Bill and Jack seized the opportunity to create a superior quality pet food that would fill a gap in the pet food market at that time.

“My dad realized that there was an awful lot that could be done in the area of pet nutrition - namely with dogs and cats," said Bob Kelly, current president of Bil-Jac Foods and son of co-founder Bill Kelly. "He thought a great improvement could be made in what was being offered to the consumer.”

In 1947, the brothers founded Bil-Jac Foods Inc. Coming up with a company name was easy: They simply took their first names, dropped the last letter of each and combined them. The company's initial product was Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food. “...a fresh product that is taken care of properly and is not damaged in processing is by far the best way to feed,” Kelly said.

Consequently, only fresh meat sources were used in the food, and the product was then frozen as a means to keep it fresh during delivery. "It could also be stored for long periods of time, then thawed and fed as necessary," Kelly explained. Despite the fact that the brothers sold only six pounds of the food on their first day in business, success ensued, with the first formulation remaining the company's sole product for nearly 30 years.

Here are some ways to contact my new best company:

Bil-Jac Foods
3337 Medina Road
Medina, Ohio 44256
Phone: (800) 321-1002
Fax: (330) 722-7999

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and my sometimes cranky camera but it was all me with no copied pictures. I am a BzzAgent member and received a coupon to get a bag of Bil-Jac for free.


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